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beauty of nature

shanghai qumun, a high-end furniture brand in the chinese market, is a large-scale international enterprise group specializing in international trade and furniture manufacturing. relying on chinese mainland.qumun takes furniture as a pillar industry to develop in globe context by taking the chinese market as the key operation hub, after more than ten years of painstaking operation, shanghai qumun has been in a leading position of chinese office furniture and hotel club furniture brand.

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beauty of nature

from "quama" to "qumer"

"quama" is a phrase from the lexicon. it was chosen by business founders for its meaning of "as beautiful as the jade ornament of a cap", in the hope of that the products of quama are beautiful, exquisite and unputdownable. the focus of the chinese phrase "guanmei" is on the character of "mei"(beauty), and the purpose of the company is to create the "beauty" of office life. the chinese character "guan" means beautiful, successful, respecting, distinctive and massive, indicating the leadership of quama in the furniture industry.


from "best quality & finest service" to "best technology & finest reputation"